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DIY Balloon stuffed animal unicorn soft toy
For the love of unicorns and balloon animals, we bring you this cute soft toy: the fabric balloon animal unicorn!  You will love this  fun, surprisingly easy to sew and unique soft toy project ! Your daughter will instantly fell in love love with this super cute fabric balloon animal (unicorn) and we think you will too! I mean look at it. Get some knit dance wear fabric in white and get crafting these amazing balloon animal unicorns. It’s a perfect gift for the unicorn trend fans! Of course you can use this fabric "balloon" technique to create other balloon animals and flowers without the stress of popping the balloons! Therefore this "balloon" folding and balloon animal making method . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Easy pipe cleaner pals (bendy buddies)
Turn everyday craft materials (drinking straws, pipe cleaners, and beads ) into these adorable bendy buddies! Construct these acrobatic friends, then pose them any way you like. These pipe cleaner  puppets are super easy to put together.  In less than 10 minutes you can make a whole pipe cleaner pal party! We love buying craft supplies from the dollar store, but we're usually stumped on what to do with pipe cleaners.  But these pipe cleaner pals (or bendy buddies) are a great use of dollar store materials! This posable pipe cleaner figurine is a perfect craft project at a summer camp or in the classroom.  Get your kids to choose the color combinations and lets' bend those pipe cleaners! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Cute little amigurumi cow with tag - free amigurumi pattern
Besides being totally adorable, this crochet cow pattern is completely free, so you can experiment with it without blowing your crochet budget. Grab some scrap yarn and start stitching! This adorable amigurumi cow is ready for cuddles from your favorite kiddo. If you're stitching this little cow as a toy for a young child, swap the safety eyes for crocheted or embroidered eyes instead. You can easily customize this amigurumi cow design to be any color you'd like, especially if you'd like a more realistic-looking amigurumi cowsCrochet a little cow as a toy or as a cute little display on the shelf. This free amigurumi cow  is designed to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Miniature amigurumi horse toy - free crochet pattern
Today Sharon from AmigurumiToGo is sharing a SUPER cute free amigurumi horse pattern with us! Adorable, isn't it? We love handmade amigurumi horses so much, because they have lots of personality and the kids will love them more than any expensive store bought toy! This adorable amigurumi horse toy (or keychain) should be easy peasy to crochet since it uses only basic crochet loops. Create a set of super cute horse amigurumis for your kids or grandkids they will love it! You can crochet the amigurumi horses in any size and color they will be lovely in any form! You can crochet more than one and create a whole soft toy horse play set! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Cute little amigurumi elephant in dress - free amigurumi pattern
In this free crochet tutorial, you can learn how to crochet this adorable miniature amigurumi elephant girl in a super cute crochet dress! (And also you can find here a super cute boy elephant version!) This sweet amigurumi elephant is sure to bring a smile to any face! This amigurumi cutie is a wonderful soft toy for kids.  At this nice crochet blog you will find the free amigurumi pattern of this super cute miniature crochet elephant and her dress accompanied with a nice detailed assembling tutorial. This amigurumi pattern is a beginner one, so if you are a beginner in amigurumis this elephant  is absolutely perfect to begin with! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Little pink amigurumi elephant - free crochet pattern
Know an elephant lover? We've got the perfect gift idea for them: a crochet baby elephant! Whether you're gifting it as a toy or as home decor, this free amigurumi pattern will thrill elephant fanatics. This cute crochet ( amigurumi ) elephant can be a perfect handmade gift or handmade toy for your kids / grandkids because, this super adorable amigurumi elephant is a perfect soft toy for both boys and girls! In this great amigurumi blog you will find a wonderful free  amigurumi baby elephant pattern which will help you to create this adorable crocheted toy with lots of interesting details, personality and cuteness! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Easy paper wine glass lampshade - quick and frugal party decor
A glass of wine by candlelight sounds awfully romantic, doesn't it? How about a wine glass that IS the candlelight? If you're looking for wedding venue mood lighting, these could light up the bar, the piano, the stage, or whatever space you're using, AND would make for soft lit centerpieces on each table. After the wedding, they could set the mood for date night, or just bask in the warm glow on a Tuesday night with Netflix. So wineglasses make unique and pretty candle holders for every occasion. They can be customized even further by adding a paper "lamp shade".  Here's how to make a candlelight lamp from a wine glass. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Super quick and easy phone speaker from paper roll
Don’t have any mobile phone speakers handy, but really want to boost the volume of the music or audio coming from your phone? If you have a paper towel roll and two plastic cups, you’re good to go with this goofy and sort of effective DIY phone speaker solution. It works, at least to amplify the sound. Does it sound any better? Well, no, not really, but it definitely sounds louder, and if louder is your intention then cutting a little hole into a paper towel roll and jamming your phone into it while blasting some music or a podcast will serve the purpose to amplify the audio with very little effort. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Tractor wooden crate toy box - fun kids room decor
Do you have a few old wooden (fruit or milkcrate? Or you just need a practical, fun and relatively low budget toy storage solution in the kids' room? Try out this brilliant woodworking idea: the crate tractor! If you don't need a toy box you can create  a small wooden play tractor or garden decor with this brilliant idea as well! Paint the wooden crate tractor to a fun vibrant tractor-ish color (red,green,blue) or simply stain the crates with rustic wood stains for a vintage style wooden toy look! But be aware: use (water base) paints only that suitable for painting kids' furniture and toys! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Miniature elements jar medals - unique gift idea
Are you looking for a frugal, super easy , super fun and unique gift or accessory? Try these miniature orbit jars!  These element (or orbit) jars gonna rock your world! There are so many fun crafts when it comes to mason jars, but this is so far our favorite because it has so many possibilities. You can create decorative mason jars or miniature glass bottle medals with orbit or star themes (Moon, Earth, Sun, starry sky or galaxy ) or you can create other fun and unique mini glass bottle medals (rainbow, unicorn, lucky green, 4 element bottles etc) This mini glass bottle medal can be a great gift for any occasion or you can create some for yourself just for fun. This jewelry making project is absolutely suitable for teens and smaller kids</st . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Simple and adorable baby lovey - sewing for beginners
You can make this adorable and super easy to sew baby lovey from all kinds of organic fabrics, cotton fleece fabrics, fleece fabrics like polar fleece or minky. Minky ( flurr / minkee /cuddle fleece fabric) is a plush and incredibly soft microfiber fabric. It comes in so many bright and beautiful colors and you can find it at the local fabric store. They are all perfect for making this super cute and incredibly quick and easy to sew baby lovey. Simple stitching and minimal stuffing pulls this sewing project together in a flash.  Sew up a sweet lovey (or several!) for someone you love! In this nice craft blog you will find the free sewing pattern to make one of this lovely little doll plushie. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Williams Sonoma inspired outdoor bench (free plan)
Every porch needs a DIY outdoor bench, at least that’s what Steve and Amy decided the other day. Actually Steve has had the concept for this bench in his head for awhile: he wanted to make something without screws and hardware - completely with adhesive! This DIY Williams Sonoma inspired wooden outdoor bench is modern, inexpensive and look so great! In this nice step-by-step furniture making tutorial you can learn how to make this awesome stylish bench (or table) from pine 2x4s! This woodworking project is fairly easy and you can even use up all your scrap wood laying around which is also a very nice thing! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
How to sew a half circle skirt - free sewing pattern and tutorial
Today Melissa will going to teach you how to sew a half circle skirt! The beauty of these skirts is that they are so FAST to make and you can draft your OWN pattern!! Once you have the pattern made, you can whip one out in about an hour flat.  These are made from summery fabrics but they would also be adorable made from wool or chambray for fall or winter.  Perhaps our favorite thing about this half circle skirt (besides the fact that  it's absolutely gorgeous) though are how quickly they come together.  These are a quick sew, and they don’t require a lot of fabric either.  It’s really nice to have a stylish delicate but also funky skirt that both your daughter and you can feel good about. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Denim fabric baskets - creative upcycling (free sewing pattern)
Do not throw away your old jeans, you can reuse them doing these cute bags! With this super upcycling craft tutorial you can sew them easily literally in minutes!  This stylish upcycled denim basket can be a perfect low-budget home decor, or a last minute gift. This cute denim basket is also perfect for organizing, or you can cover up ugly flower pots with them! This sewing project is absolutely a great choice if you are a beginner in sewing because its so easy to make! (Even you can create some with hand sewing if you haven't got sewing machine at home.) . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Gorgeous and easy crochet mason jar cover - free pattern
Repurpose/upcycle empty mason jars and tin cans for flowers, pencil cups, cutlery holders, craft supplies, combs/cosmetics or wherever you want some pretty organization! This free crochet pattern is very easy (made with only beginner crochet stitches). This crocheted jar/can cozy is a very nice (and low-budget) way to decorate your home! These mason jar/tin can cozies are changeable (and washable) so you can easily dress up your  jars/cans/bottles differently in any season/holidays if you wish! You can use any size and color yarn, the final products will be gorgeous! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY cute sleeping succulent planter - fun and quick gift
Did you know having houseplants in your home makes you smarter? Science says it’s true, and who are we to argue with science? So today, let’s increase our brain power by making some ahh-dorable planters with living "hair"! Put one in every room and feel that gray matter grow!" You can create the planters with sleepy or  funny face expressions , or for a more personal look you can use a (printed out)  face from a family photo (glued to the planter) . It can be a perfect gift for any occasion or you can use it as a fun kids room decor! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
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