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Rainbow craft stick explosion - fun experiment for kids
Do you think science is boring? Try this fun and easy science craft project! Use a few craft sticks (or popsicle sticks) to create the funniest and cheapest game ever: the exploding sticks! Cool, isn't it? This upcycling project is not just only a fun way to learn physics and recycle some popsicle sticks ,but it's also a very fun toy for kids and adults as well! Build you own exploding craft stick line, and watch it exploding to the sky! You can create it over and over again! Your kids will love this simple exploding craft stick game and it doesn't cost much which is also great! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Easy fired ink art - fun home decoration
What can be funnier and more gorgeous than a fire painted artwork? This beautiful fire painted artwork is not just only gorgeous, magical and fun, but it can be a stylish decor in your home at any time of the year! With parental supervision even the kids will enjoy to make this gorgeous fire painted artwork!  This painting technique  is super easy, and the outcome is so gorgeous ! Watch this nice step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to make your own gorgeous fire painted artwork with alcoholic inks! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Easy homemade crystal soap - soap making
Are you looking for a fun and useful gift for your crystal/gemstone lover friends (or for yourself)? Try this gorgeous,super easy to make and fun crystal soap with clear glycerin soap base!  Nifty will shows you how to make a cute crystal shape glicerin soap that is great as a Christmas or birthday gift for your beauty loving friends and family members and for any other soap making project! This craft project is not as difficult as it seems, with this nice step-by step video soap making tutorial making a few gorgeous crystal soap will be a piece of cake! You can use different essential oils or even oil combinations to create your own unique fun gemstone soaps! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Homemade fun edible sugar bowls - party decor (dessert)
Make edible sugar bowls for ice cream and more with this easy to make edible sugar party bowl recipe! Watch this nice step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to create a gorgeous edible sugar bowl for your upcoming party or just for fun! You can use these edible sugar bowls with any delicious sweet desserts such as ice creams, fruit salads, creamy-crispy chocolate cake or you can use them as a "simple" candy bowl or decoration. You can experiment with heat resistant glass bowls,globes or even bottles to create other gorgeous and unique party food containers (instead of a toxically questionable rubber)! Imagine a nice cup of ice cream with a sugar cup formed with a wine bottle! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
How mo make a spring flower fairy doll - doll making tutorial
Watch this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to make gorgeous (spring) flower fairy dolls! This easy DIY doll making tutorial will teach you how to make a fun and easy doll with the kids using a basic flower fairy doll technique. This includes using floral wire, a wooden bead, embroidery floss, and a silk flower. The supplies for this beautiful flower fairy doll are absolutely inexpensive! Once you have mastered making a basic flower fairy there are a lot fun options and variations. You can use these beautiful fairies to decorate the kid's room, your home at spring or the classroom! (Or you can create a whole fairy doll play set for the kids as a gift!) . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Homemade lavender milk bath powder recipe
Cleopatra was the one that put a milk bath on the map as she claimed the milk bath preserved her beauty and kept her skin glowing and youthful. If it is good enough for Cleopatra, it is good enough for us! A milk bath powder is super easy to mix together and it is supposed to be excellent for the skin. This lavender milk bath is also moisturizing which is perfect if you are suffering from dry skin. You could also use mason jars or any pretty little container you might have on hand. If you want to give these as gifts you could wrap them with a little baker’s twine and add a little hand stamped label. This lavender milk bath is super simple and we think it looks really pretty as well! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
4 DIY friendship bracelets - easy stackable arm candy projects
Today, in this nice step-by-step video tutorial  DIY Lover will teach you how to make these stylish, fun and easy DIY bracelets! These gorgeous and super easy bracelets are perfect gifts for friends and family for any occasion! You can create the macrame, braided and beaded bracelets with creamy pastel summer colors or any colors of your choice, they will be beautiful in any form!  Making these gorgeous bracelets is not as hard  as it seems: if you getting familiar with the base knot or braid you can make them with closed eyes! Even if you are a beginner in jewelry making this video tutorial is a perfect start for you! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
How to make ATM piggy bank for kids from cardboard
This Easy to make ATM Machine Piggy Bank is a Fun Toy for Kids. You can use both currency notes and coins. This functional cardboard box ATM piggy bank is extremely fun to use and also super fun to make! All you need is to create one fun ATM piggy bank for yourself (or for the kids) is: a few sheets of cardboard, and 3 springs! This frugal and easy to make cardboard ATM piggy bank will be your kids (and your) favorite we guarantee it! Watch this nice step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to make your own cardboard ATM piggy bank with a few sheets of cardboard! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY brag book - creative mother's day gift
It's a brag book with her favourite photos of my boys. It turned out so nice that I am very tempted to keep it for myself! I heart it so much! :) You may recognize the polka dot fabric from the fabric baskets I made for Easter. The ribbon I had in my stash. I chose this combination since I knew that Mummu loves polka dots and her favourite colour is yellow. This is a great project for using up some fabric scraps. It is also has very minimal sewing. The only sewing is for attaching the ribbon at the back and the zigzag stitch around the photos. I used yellow thread to tie in the yellow ribbon. You could leave out the sewing and just use glue for the photos and ribbon to make this a no sew project. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Beaded candle holder and vase
Spring is THE time to experiment with color ! Let your inner garden party goddess come out with this chic & easy DIY project! You will love how easy is to create gorgeous home decors with this simple, but brilliant  beading technique! To create this fun and gorgeous beaded pattern you will need  transparent acrylic paint , spray paints and that's all! With this brilliant beading technique you can turn boring old decor elements and household trash into gorgeous stylish home decor pieces! You can use mason jars, tin cans, boring vases and almost everything to create you own fresh spring decors! (Of course you can use a pearler pen as well.) . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Hanging window basket cat perch
Today Hymns&Verses shares with us a super stylish and cozy DIY Hanging window basket cat perch.  Create one super comfy hanging window basket cat perch for your cat easily with a few simple materials such as a woven basket, rope, and 2 brackets. Instead of using brackets to attach the hanging cat bed to the wall you can use a simple hook to attach it to the radiator! You cat will love the coziness of sun's warmth and watch all of the happenings in your front yard. In this nice craft you will find a step-by-step tutorial which will teach you  how to make your own Hanging window basket cat perch. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Toby the PJ turte - cute plushie pillow (free sewing pattern)
As one of the animal kingdom's oldest species, turtles deserve a lot of respect. We're proud to introduce our favorite turtle, Toby. He's not only as cute as they come with his shy smile (made with darts!), he also has a job: holding his owner's PJs in a hidden pocket on his bottom shell. Thanks, Toby! Unlike his real-life counterparts, Sew4Home's turtle is cuddly soft from top to bottom. He's meant to be a little pillow pal but you can use him to decorate the kids room or just sew one as super cute cuddly soft toy for the kids. This nice written step-by-step sewing tutorial comes with a free turtle pillow sewing pattern! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Flower Mother's Day greeting card with quilling
Watch this nice step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to make this gorgeous quilled flower greeting card!  We love in this tutorial that she doesn't use expensive quilling tools to create the flowers, only simple household items such as a toothpick! You can use this gorgeous quilled spring flower card as  a nice spring decor / artwork or you can give the cards as sweet gifts on mother 's day, or you could even make wedding invitation cards with them! Well it's not the quickest spring craft project, but absolutely worth the time and effort because the finished product is so gorgeous! Paper crafts are always frugal! To create this flower gift card you will need only a few sheets of paper, glue and a toothpick! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Gorgeous and easy crepe paper rose - spring craft
In this step-by-step video tutorial TQT Hacks will going to show you how to make gorgeous paper flowers (roses) from crepe paper! You will be surprised how easy is to make this gorgeous crepe paper rose! This sweet paper flower can be a perfect decor in your home at springtime/Easter, you can decorate your wedding party with them frugally, or you can gift them for any special occasion (such as mother's day!) You can adapt this brilliant crepe paper rose folding technique and create other gorgeous (spring) decors such as: wreaths, centerpieces, garlands and beautiful accessories! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Soft taggie blanket - blankie with tags (sewing pattern)
You can buy all of those great baby toys for your little one, but we bet he/she would be more excited to play with tags hanging off the pillow or blanket next to him/her! So sew one lovely baby blankie with tags! This taggie blanket is a great sewing project for beginners. Getting the tags to stay in place can be a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it the sewing is very basic sewing. Don’t worry if your lines are not sewn perfectly straight it’s just for a baby who is not going care if its a little off, their just love to play with the tags instead. She used one ribbon that was a satin finish and one that was a grosgrain finish to get differen . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Perfume roll-on - chemical free nature cosmetics
Sometimes you want to smell good. Wait. You always want to smell good! Like, “that girl smells like a field of wildflowers” kind of good. At least that’s how Krystal wants to smell. Anyone else? We are really not fans of commercial perfumes because they often contain pesky chemicals (and sometimes they can be very expensive). With this easy frugal homemade perfume recipe you can be your own perfume designer! And the best: it's absolutely chemical free! Try this super quick (and also beautiful) roll on perfume with dried flowers and we grant that you won't buy commercial perfumes again! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
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