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DIY Secret life of pets Max - paper plate craft for kids
Secret Life of Pets is a brilliant and super funny animation movie so why not watch it and make this cute and simple Max the dog craft with the kids?  We absolutely love the story line and Max the dog is one of our favorite characters so far. If you haven’t seen the previews, the movie is about what our beloved pets do when their owners leave for the day and all the mischief they get into. This super cute paper plate dog craft is so simple it's suitable for kids of all ages! (And as an extra you won't need special craft materials to make it just plain white paper plates,  construction paper and a little paint!) . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Free adorable amigurumi kitten pattern - crochet cat
Who can resist a super cute (kawaii)cat? Especially if its crocheted? If you love super cute cats and crocheting, you will love this brilliant free little cat amigurumi pattern! How cute is it? Alongside the free written crochet pattern you will find and extra pictorial tutorial on how to assemble your very own adorable amigurumi cat.  This super cute crocheted kitten is easy-to-create and perfect to start with if you’re a beginner in amigurumi!  This super cute (kawaii) amigurumi cat can be crocheted as a funny gift for a best friend! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Giant wooden garden Jenga game - fun party game
If you’re looking for an  amazing game for the backyard or lawn, this super fun (and easy to make) giant garden Jenga is a perfect craft project for you! You don't need special woodworking skills or tools to create this fun giant yard Jenga game just a (hand) saw and sandpaper. Not only is this brilliant giant garden party game an affordable foray into the world of power tools, but it's the same simple cut over and over. Beginner woodworkers, you'll love it. You may end up making more than one set of giant garden Jenga game because you will got so many requests from friends who want their own. Giant Jenga for everyone! If you're feeling artistic, you can paint the ends of your pieces or apply some stain. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
 DIY summer kid's room geese decor from paper
Are you looking for a quick, last minute, super easy but still adorable and fun summer kid's room or window decor? Try this cute summery 3 duckling (or geese) paper decor! In this nice craft website you will find the free printable 3 duckling (or geese) paper decor template accompanied with a written assembling instruction. (For a working download link please choose the "original" language link below)  You can use this super adorable summer window or room decor to decorate the kids' room or it can be a great classroom decor as well! With just a few sheets of colorful (construction) paper and glue you will be able to create this cute summer window decor in minutes (without any specific craft skill)! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Simple summer ruffle shorts - free sewing pattern
We love every detail of these summer ruffle shorts so we're very excited to share this brilliant sewing tutorial with you today. She wanted the summer shorts to be a nice length, but still look somewhat girly. We think the ruffles do that perfectly! These ruffle summer shorts have pockets for collecting treasures and an elastic waistband. Since they are made of a lightweight fabric they are also nice and cool for summer weather. Perhaps our favorite thing about these shorts though are how quickly they come together.  These are a quick sew, and they don’t require a lot of fabric either.  It’s really nice to have a pair of shorts that both your daughter and you can feel good about. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Tie dye spiral summer t-shirt
We have a lot of tie-dye techniques on this site that show you how to tie dye like a pro, but sometimes you just want to know the basics! Check out this easy spiral tie dye instruction and create a gorgeous summer spiral t-shirt or other gorgeous clothes/ home decor  pieces such as a pillowcase, a pair of socks or any other fabric item! We recommend 100% natural fiber fabrics like cotton, rayon or silk for best dye results. (Synthetic fabrics like polyester may not absorb the dye very well, if at all.) You can combine the dye colors as much as you want, the final result will be gorgeous in any form! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Woven denim jeans seam coasters - recycling craft
Denim is totally having a moment right now, both in fashion and in home decor. Here’s what you need to turn your family’s old jeans into a stylish new woven denim coaster! Something old and unused turned into something totally new, useful and gorgeous! We love finding simple and inexpensive ways to do little things that can make a big impact for the environment. What about you? Grab a pair of jeans and recycle them into a set of stylish woven denim coasters. These unique fabric coasters can be great gifts for anyone, because who doesn't loves useful and stylish home decor pieces? . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
How to make a whirligig (cardboard circle spinner)
You might have heard of whirligigs (cardboard circle spinners) before, they are a classic craft that has been around for generations. Apparently even the Native Americans had their own version of this easy cardboard toy as early as 500BC, and they were also popular back in the great depression using old buttons or similar as the centre piece when kids didn’t have many toys. These whirligigs (cardboard circle spinners)  are very easy to make, almost too easy, and kids will love to watch the patterns twirl and whirl around. Her free printable spinner template gives you a few different patterns as well as a blank one so kids can get creative and design their own. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Herringbone denim pillows - patchwork and recycling
Ashbee Design sharing a new denim pillow tutorial  with us today that combines chevron stripes, ombre color gradation and old jeans all into one! Talk about mixing trends! Photography just doesn't do justice to how rich a fabric these old denim pants became. It is soft yet strong. We just love this herringbone denim pillow! It really adds lots of style to any boring old sofa!  Although the denim pillow looks like it's difficult to piece together, it's really quite easy! Marji will walk you through the steps of crafting your own chevron fabric from scraps so you to can use it for projects! If you are a beginner in patchwork that's absolutely not a problem, read this nice step-by-step herringbone denim pillow tutorial and be a master patcher! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Old jeans hexagon pillow - recycling craft
If you keep all your family’s old jeans to upcycle into useful things, and you love sewing this is the perfect sewing project for you! If you just love working with old denim you will love this creative repurposing idea! We love the different shades of indigo and the different styles. This upcycled jeans hexagon pillow will really show off the varieties of denim styling!  This denim jeans hexagon pillow is a perfect way to recycle unused clothes and it will add lots of interesting details to your home or your teen's room. This hexagon denim pillow is also nice way to spice up your ocean theme summer decor. So grab a few old denims and sew a gorgeous home decor piece with this nice detailed sewing tutorial! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Crochet shark bag - fun free summer bag  pattern
Do you love crocheting and fun summer craft ideas? Whip up these fun summery shark bags! Whether you're California dreamin', or you actually have nice weather right now (you lucky duck, you), you'll definitely want to make one of these shark bags your next project. To make this free pattern even more fun, she's designed the bags in both an adult and a child size. The pictures for this shark bag tutorial feature the child sized shark bag (the blue shark), but the construction techniques are the same for the adult sized bag (the gray shark) as well. So follow along and make your own super fun, unique, summery shark bag! It's guaranteed to be a conversation piece. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Adorable small amigurumi dolls (free crochet pattern)
Today Amigurumi BB shares with you this super adorable miniature amigurumi doll pattern for free! (And as an extra, with this amazing free amigurumi doll tutorial you can learn how to make amigurumi doll wigs in different styles!) This cuddly crochet doll is a great amigurumi pattern to work on, because it's so easy to crochet and the outcome is so wonderful! This super adorable amigurumi doll can be an excellent gift for your kids or grandkids. This free amigurumi doll pattern will guide you to make your own wonderful soft amigurumi toy. The difficulty of this  free amigurumi doll pattern is easy, so you can crochet one easily even if you are a beginner in amigurumi! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY Ragdoll spring bunny - free amigurumi Pattern
Do you love crocheting? Create a beautiful and adorable handmade toy: an amigurumi ragdoll spring bunny ! This cuddly crochet bunny is a great amigurumi pattern to work on, because it's so easy to crochet and the outcome is so wonderful! This super adorable amigurumi bunny can be an excellent gift for your kids or grandkids. This free spring bunny crochet pattern will guide you to make your own wonderful soft amigurumi toy. The difficulty of this  free rabbit amigurumi pattern is easy, so you can crochet one easily even if you are a beginner in amigurumi!  You can crochet this super cute amigurumi spring bunny as a gift for any occasion or you can make some for your kids . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Miniature amigurumi puppy - free crochet dog pattern
Besides being totally adorable, this crochet puppy pattern is completely free, so you can experiment with it without blowing your crochet budget. Grab some scrap yarn and start stitching! If you're stitching the miniature puppies as a toy for a young child, swap the safety eyes for crocheted or embroidered eyes instead. You can easily customize this amigurumi dog design to be any color you'd like, especially if you'd like a more realistic-looking puppyCrochet a little dog as a toy or as a cute little keychain! This free miniature amigurumi dig  is designed to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand.  If you're a beginner crocheter who is looking for a little bit of a challenge, this is a great pattern for you. . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
Cuddle me puppy - free amigurumi dog toy pattern
Know a dog lover? We've got the perfect gift idea for them: a crochet dog! Whether you're gifting it as a toy or as home decor, this free amigurumi pattern will thrill pup fanatics. This cute crochet ( amigurumi ) puppy  can be a perfect handmade gift or handmade toy for your kids / grandkids because, this super adorable amigurumi dog is a perfect soft toy for both boys and girls! In this great amigurumi blog you will find a wonderful free  amigurumi puppy pattern which will help you to create this adorable crocheted toy with lots of interesting details, personality and cuteness!  You can use any color and style yarn to crochet your own adorable amigurumi dogs , they w . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
DIY crochet (amigurumi) whale - free amigurumi pattern
Today we're sharing a free amigurumi pattern with you for a super cute crochet whale toy ! Adorable, isn't it? We love handmade amigurumi toys so much, because they have lots of personality and the kids will love them more than any expensive store bought toy! This adorable amigurumi whale toy should be easy peasy to crochet since it uses only basic crochet loops. Create a set of super cute whale amigurumis for your kids or grandkids they will love it! You can crochet the whales in any size and color they will be lovely in any form! . . . Click here for more details & the tutorial!
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