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This craft category is a huge collection of creative DIY drink & party drink ideas! Various fun creative DIY drink ideas for parties ( creative cocktails, alcoholic drink ideas, fizzy drink ideas), creative party drink ideas for kids ( kids party drinks ), fun crafts with drinks, holiday party drink ideas ( spooky Halloween drinks, new year's even champagne ideas ), creative gift ideas with drinks ( coke cakes, bottle wrapping ideas ), Coca cola crafts, bottle crafts, glass crafts, party glass decor ideas .. and many more creative ideas with drinks!
DIY Diet coke cake (or beer cake) -  birthday gift idea
We would gladly trade in a baked cake for this awesome Diet Coke Cake any day of the week. Don’t get us wrong, we love birthday cakes, but we think this Diet Coke Cake is such a fun twist on a classic birthday cake. If you are celebratingbirthday week this Diet Coke Cake is the perfect addition to the party! (Or of course you can use this brilliant and fun  fizzy drink cake as a gift for other occasions as well! Or better: imagine a beer cake for your dad on Father's day!)  So, if you know someone celebrating a birthday soon, find out their favorite drink and start making them a “cake.” . . .
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DIY Wooden beer caddy - free woodworking plan
Ditch the cardboard six-pack and customize your own wood beer caddy to tow your brews in style. This six-pack carrier is complete with a wall-mounted bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold beer as soon as you reach your destination. Pick up some beer from your local bottle shop and enjoy your DIY wood beer caddy! If you've mastered the art of making DIY wooden beer caddies, make one for a friend. This easy woodworking project can be a perfect choice for beginners. Surprise you beloved husband / boyfriend or yourself on a hot summer day with this rustic wood beer caddy filled up with ice cold beer (or you can  fill it up with other drinks) . . .
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Homemade rosewater ( DIY rosewater face toner recipe )
Watch this nice video and learn all of the benefits of rosewater, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to make it! Not only will you learn how to make homemade rosewater, but you’ll get a DIY rosewater face toner recipe too! Rosewater is exactly as simple as it sounds, roses + water! It gives you all the benefits of water plus the bonus of the anti-inflammatory and hydrating advantages of rose. Plus it smells awesome. Rosewater is used in some cuisines, but you can use it in your skincare routine. . . .
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19 Food hacks that will blow your mind
There are a few video tutorials in life which are a must to watch! This brilliant food life hack compilation is absolutely one of them! These 19 food hacking ideas will blow your mind , you won't be the same parson after watching this! Save burnt cookies with a grater, make pancake /ketchup/chocolate dispenser from plastic bottles and cups, prepare fruits and vegetables in minutes with simple household items, make a hot sandwich with an iron, delicious ice creams from yogurt, and much much more! . . .
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DIY Tiki torch bottles - easy recycled garden decor
In honor of all the Labor Day BBQs they’ve created these stylish DIY tiki torches out of classic American liquor bottles. This  upcycling craft project is unbelievably easy to make! If you have a nice collection of (vintage) glass liquor bottles this craft idea can be a perfect way to reuse them in a stylish way! The light and atmosphere these glass bottle tiki torches create is absolutely stunning. We are a big  fan of tiki torches, but now you can bring that perfect party lighting to any event… not just a luau! These liquor bottle torches can be great party decors at summer BBQ's, or you can use them 'just' to spice up your garden (or man cave) decor. . . .
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Easy and quick Valentine's day heart milk ice cubes
With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching,we are excited to share a couple Valentines hearts projects to celebrate the holiday with subtly and style. These milk Valentines hearts ice cubes are a sweet surprise for your man’s morning coffee or the kid’s tall glass of milk. As the hearts melt, the milk turns pink! To make the Valentines hearts milk ice cubes: you’ll need milk, red food dye, and a heart ice cube tray (or an empty plastic chocholate bonbon tray). These Valentines hearts ice cubes are a crazy easy way to make the morning special for those you love! . . .
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Champagne jello shots - easy fun appetizers with fizzy drinks
Nothing can be better than super quick, easy, yummy desserts and champagne! Especially at a New Years' Eve party! With this nice video and photo tutorial you can make these delicious and fun champagne jello shots literally in minutes in any color and shape that fits into your upcoming party! If you are not a fan of champagne you can use any other fizzy drinks to create these fun desserts/party treats  just follow these easy steps and this nice champagne jello shot recipe! . . .
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How to make Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite candles DIY
With this brilliant step-by-step video tutorial you can make these incredible Do-It-Yourself candles in the shapes of Cola, Fanta and Sprite bottles.! You will be suprised how easy is to make one of these fun homemade candles!  If you are looking for the best DIY gift idea - you will definitely like this video tutorial. For the soda shaped candles you will need: white candles, crayons (for coloring) and and empty plastic soda bottle (with matching design). The Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite candles can  be perfect gifts for almost every occasion! . . .
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Tea Christmas trees - easy Christmas gift idea
Today’s easy and quick Christmas craft is a tea tree! This a stylish, quick Christmas craft project which can be a perfect (last-minute) Christmas gift for almost everyone, because its pretty ad healthy, and who doesn't love warm drinks in cold winter days? This Christmas gift project requires just a few items, the first of which are individually wrapped tea bags. That being said, the more attractive the wrapping is on the tea bags, the better. And to continue the Christmas tree theme you can add at least a few green tea bags into the mix, but this gorgeous  Christmas tea tree will look good in any color! . . .
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Instant hot cocoa kit - simple and quick Christmas gift idea
If you are new to homemade, DIY gift giving then today’s simple Christmas gift might be just what you need for the inspiration to try it out! These adorable Hot Cocoa Kits are easy to make, require very little crafting skill and time and could be made with the kids for all their teachers. This hot cocoa kit is a perfect Christmas / winter present to almost everyone because who doesn't love cocoa and yummy sweets? To make one of theese hot cocoa kits you just need a bag of hot cocoa powder,small candy sprinklers/marshmallows and cute plastic or glass containers to fill them in. . . .
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DIY flower and fruit ice cubes - summer party ideas
Putting edible fresh flowers in ice cubes is so easy and fun to make. Edible flowers can add color and will make any beverage more attractive. It’s the perfect party idea to try for your next gathering. Just imagine freezing edible flowers in ice cubes and adding them to your favorite (summer) drink! I’m sure it’s going to be a hit all the time. So if you want to add more flair to your cocktails and drinks that are so pretty and "cool", just follow these super easy steps! (Of course you can make other ice cube variations with fresh herbs,fruits or colored drinks) . . .
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Rootbeer reindeer
This is a very creative christmas gift for HIM instead those boooring socks.. :)) ( And it's also easy to make! ) . . .
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