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This craft category is a huge collection of free beading tutorials, beading patterns & bead crafts! Free beading tutorials ( beading for beginners, beading how to's, step-by-step beading tutorials ), various free beading patterns ( beaded jewelry patterns, beaded figure patterns, beaded accessories, beaded home decors ), jewelry making ( beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets, beaded earrings ), accessories with beading, crafts with beads ( DIY home decors with beads, creative craft ideas for kids with beads ), simple beading patterns for kids, seasonal and holiday decorations with beading ( beaded Christmas tree ornaments ), gifts with beading, bead-weaving patterns, DIY bead storage ideas .. and many other creative craft ideas about beading & beads!
DIY Hand embroidered bunny brooch ( step-by-step tutorial )
Want to create a special gift for someone you love? Try this super gorgeous rustic / vintage style hand embroidered rabbit brooch! This lovely hand embroidered bunny brooch is so elegant an unique! You can wear it as a prefect everyday accessory or as a cute Easter accent.With a handy little pin you can attach this fabric bunny brooch to your clothes, or it can be a beautiful pendant as well! If the auto- translation doesn't work please select "russian" as the source language at the top of the masterclass page! . . .
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Easy bead snowflake ornament - free beading pattern
We are so happy now, because we simply LOVE beading, especially when a pattern is so easy, quick and free!  This gorgeous beaded snowflake by SimpleBeads is absolutely one of our favorites!  If you have some beautiful bugle beads that you've been wanting to use, but you have nothing else in your stash that coordinates with the unusual color, this snowflake pattern is perfect to use them up! And you can use the finished bead snowflakes as Christmas or winter ornaments!  By making different kinds of snowflakes and also by using different colors of beads and bugles, you can create a truly fabulous beaded blizzard! . . .
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Easy DIY wood bead snowman winter garland
Are you on a hunt for a super easy to make but still gorgeous and stylish winter decor ,which also can be a great craft project for your kids ? Try this super cute wooden bead snowman garland! This adorable beaded snowman garland is so easy to make even the smallest crafty hands can create it in no time! Add this lovely snowman garland to your Christmas / winter mantel or your Christmas tree . Of course you can add other craft elements to you r wooden bead snowman garland as well, it will be lovely in any form! . . .
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Autumn life tree medal - easy DIY wire jewelry
In this nice step-by-step jewelry making tutorial you can learn how to make a wire wrapped tree of life pendant featuring lovely autumn color beads. You will learn how to make the outer hoop frame as well as how to make the twisted roots, trunk, and branches. Finally you will add bead 'leaves.' This gorgeous beaded wire jewelry can be a perfect gift for any occasion, because it will be beautiful in any color and size! Wire jewelry and Life trees is one of our favorites from the palette of jewelry making crafts because it's so unique and also it's easy to make ! (Or at least it won't require special expensive jewelry making materials to make! ) . . .
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Elegant silk ribbon bow easily with kanzashi technique
In this nice kanzashi video tutorial you will learn how to make gorgeous elegant twisted silk ribbon bows with sewn-in beads! Gorgeous, isn't it? You can use these beautiful kanzashi (folded ribbon) bows to decorate your precious gifts, you can use them as nice accessories / jewelries for any elegant occasion! (such as wedding,banquets etc) Despite the look this delicate beaded ribbon bow is very easy to make (just a little bit time consuming but it absolutely worth the time and effort!) You can use silk ribbons in any color and pattern  to make this gorgeous elegant kanzashi bows, they will look gorgeous in any form! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Easy elegant bead flowers (beading pattern)
This gorgeous beaded (spring) flower is a very easy beading project which makes it excellent choice for beginners! It's not just super easy to bead, but also very decorative and elegant! This beaded flower can be a gorgeous brooch, hairpin, earring... or you can use it in many other ways! This elegant beaded flower can be a great accessory or decor element at your wedding as well. Read this detailed step-by-step written tutorial and learn how to bead one gorgeous elegant beaded flower! In the external site you will find a free beading pattern as well, so even if you are a beginner in beading it can be a great starting project for you! . . .
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Pompom bird keychain or fun spring decor from yarn
It’s birdie time! Meet Molly Moo Crafts's exotic summer flock with spectacular plumages – pom pom and bead birdies to add a pop of color to bedroom doors or playrooms. The twittering gals are so simple to make with cardboard circles or store bought pom pom makers. Aren’t they darling? To make these super adorable & colorful  pom pom birds  all you need is some colorful yarn , white and black yarn for the eyes, beads and buttons. For the beaks she just cut little pieces of felt and glued into the core of the pom poms, between the threads, with felt glue. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Handmade soutache jewelry - purple string earring with beads
In this nice step-by-step jewelry making tutorial you can learn how to make a gorgeous soutache (braid an bead string) earring! Beautiful, isn't it? You can make one for yourself (in any nice color which fits into your outfit) or you can give them as nice gifts for any special occasion, either way it will be a big hit! Despite the look, soutache jewelries are easy to make: you will need only a little piece of felt, nice beads, strings, thread and needle to make them (because it's purely hand sewing with beads!) With this nice craft (jewelry making) technique you can create gorgeous and still inexpensive accessories so we highly recommend it to learn about! . . .
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How to make a wire wrapped tree of life pendant
In this nice step-by-step video tutorial you can learn how to make a wire wrapped tree of life pendant featuring lovely gemstone chips. You will learn how to make the outer hoop frame as well as how to make the twisted roots, trunk, and branches. Finally you will add gemstone 'leaves.' This gorgeous beaded wire jewelry can be a perfect gift for any occasion, because it will be beautiful in any color and size! Wire jewelry and Life trees is one of our favorites from the palette of jewelry making crafts because it's so unique and also it's easy to make ! (Or at least it won't require special expensive jewelry making materials to make! ) . . .
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Beaded winter snowflake earrings ( jewelry making with beads )
These gorgeous beaded snowflake earrings can be perfect Christmas gifts or you can bead one for yourself as a beautiful accessory! And the best is: it's a very simple beadcraft project , so you can easily make one even if you are a beginner in beading! Especially because in this nice beadcraft site you can find a free step-by-step beading tutorial on how to create one! This gorgeous snowflake earring will look good in any pastel / winter color but you can experiment with your favourite color as well! You can use this nice beading pattern to make other jewelries as well (medals-necklaces,brooches,hairpins, keychains...) . . .
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DIY easy wave flower bracelet with beads (macrame)
This super step-by-step macrame video tutorial teaches you how to make this gorgeous (but still easy) wave bracelet with satin cords and beads. Believe me or not this (flower shape) macrame technique is very easy, even beginners or kids can make it easily! This beautiful beaded macrame bracelet can be a perfect acessory to your outfits or a nice gift for any ocassions! (Of course you can experiment with different yarn and bead sizes, and make it in any color!) . . .
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Beaded snowflake pendant or cell phone straps
With this beautifully produced beading animation video you can learn how to make this beautiful beaded snowflake cell phone straps. ( It will also work as earrings / pendant or as a christmas tree ornament ). . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
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