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This craft category is a huge collection of DIY Nail art, makeup & hairstyle tutorials! DIY nail art tutorials: easy nail arts ( lazy nail arts, nail arts for work, quick DIY nail art designs for home ), nail art designs for every occasion and holidays (Christmas nail art ideas, Easter nail art ideas, wedding nail art tutorials), makeup tutorials: easy quick makeups ( makeups for home, makeups for work ), date night makeup ideas, makeups for every occasion and holidays ( wedding makeups, Christmas makeups, New year's eve makeups), professional makeup tutorials,  hairstyle tutorials: easy quick hair ideas ( hairstyles at home, hairstyles for work, hairstyles for kids ), braids & braiding, DIY hairstyles for every occasion and holidays ( wedding hairstyles, wedding buns, prom night hairstyles, date night hairstyles )... any many more creative DIY makeup, nail art  & hairstyle ideas!
Handmade cupcake EOS lip balm
In this nice video tutorial Gillian Bower will show you how to make a DIY EOS Cupcake Lip Balm! Today's video is a super fun and easy DIY, don't mention it it's all natural and good for your skin as well!! If you're going back to school everyone will be super jealous of your new EOS lip balm! If you love cupcakes then you definitely have to try making this. This homemade lip balm is perfect for sensitive skin as well (just leave out the vanilla flavor).The homemade cupcake eos lip balm can be a great gift for (teen) girls! . . .
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11 Super easy hairstyles with bobby pins for short hair
In this episode Milabu features 11 super easy hairstyles with bobby pins for short hair that are super quick, beautiful, simple, edgy, romantic, cute, and fun. These short hairstyles are perfect for any occasion: weddings, prom, date night, gym, workout, office, work, and many more. She has everything from hair updos, messy top knots/buns, simple everyday, to editorial sleek half updos. Which one is your favorite? This nice step-by-step video hairstyle tutorial will teach you how to do these simple but still classy hairstyles in minutes with a few bobby pins! . . .
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10 Easy nail art design for beginners - painted with a bobby pin
Making beautiful nail art designs without special manicure equipment and skill? Absolutely possible! Try these super quick and easy nail art designs painted with a simple bobby pin! In this nice step-by-step video tutorial you can find not just only 1 but  10! different super easy beginner nail art designs  from cute chick motifs  to elegant non figurative nail art designs. These chick and easy ail art designs can be a nice addition to your (holiday party) outfit or you can simply make them to spice up boring school days.  With a simple bobby pin you can be the Pablo Picasso of nail polish without any special art or nail art design skill! . . .
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33 different Christmas themed nail art - manicure tutorial
In this nice step-by-step video tutorial you can find not just only 1 but 33! different Christmas style nail art design  from cute Christmas/winter figures and motifs (reindeer,snowman,santa,snowflake,candy cane etc) to elegant nonfigurative or Christmas themed motifs. If you haven't got special nail art equipment you can draw the patterns (at leat the most of them) with your nail polishes bursh or with a toothpick! These Christmas manicure ideas are easy to make and can be a nice addition to your holiday party outfit! . . .
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7 Easy elegant holiday hairstyle (for long hair)
This 7 easy holiday hairstyles tutorial is here to get you through this Christmas season! In this nice step-by-step video tutorial she will show you how to get these easy but cute styles perfect for any party! We've got braids, updos, buns, curls, even a tacky sweater look.You can easily make these cute and elegant hairstyles even if you haven't got special hairdresser skills with a help of a simple mirror! These easy, unique and elegant hairstyles will fits into any special occasion and party or you can use them to spice up your everyday hair! These hairstyles works best with long/medium hair. . . .
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DIY natural look curled hair without curling iron
We love the look of naturally curly hair! Rag rolling is a quick and simple way to get natural looking curls without using a curling iron! (Plus this method doesn't damage your hair!) To create these beautiful, natural (and relatively long lasting) curls  you just need some cut fabric strips, a comb and some water. All things you probably already have laying around the house!  (Or You can use simple paper napkins or paper towels to create the curlers, instead of the fabric strips.) . . .
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7 easy hairstyle tip for ponytails
We love these 7 quick and easy ponytails for everyday! They're great hairstyles for school, work, or even an elegant date/wedding night! With the help of this super video hairstyle tutorial you can create these ponytails in minutes! These ponytails are perfect for spice up your everyday or work hairstyle, even if you haven't got enough freetime because of the kids. And the best is: you don't need to be a professional hair stylist to make it! . . .
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Ombre nail art easily
In this super step by step nail art video tutorial, Suzie demonstrates her technique to create a beautiful Ombre nail design. This manicure is perfect for any season or ocassion, even for normal business work days. You can use any color sequences to create this gorgeous (and suprisingly easy) ombre nail design  or just simple try any color mix that you love. Create an elegant wedding manicure with whites combined with pastels or a fun party manicure with blacks (or bold colors) combined with others. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Dotted flowers - spring nail art
Look at this gorgeous nail art design! If you believe or not this dotted wild flower manicure is very easy to make, you can create it in seconds! We love this purple-ish  nail polish shade but you can use any color which fits with your outfit or ocassion. This flowery nail art design is perfect for a normal spring /summer day or you can use it as a party / wedding manicure. If you havent got dotter tool that's not a problem: simply use the nail polish brush or a toothpick to create the  dots. . . .
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9 different Disney princess hairstyle (with video tutorials)
Are you ready to dress up your little princess for Halloween or a dress up party ? You can make her hair authentic with these fabulous video tutorials from Disney. They’ve chosen some of the most popular Disney princess hair tutorials ! And don’t forget the dress! In this nice website you can find: a Belle (Beauty and the beast),an Anna & Elsa (Frozen) normal and coronation, a Cinderella, a Merida,a Jasmine,an Aurora and a Rapunzel hairstyle. . . .
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DIY Rudolph reindeer (christmas) manicure
If you love funny , whimsical christmas manicure ideas this Rudolph reindeer nail art is perfect for you ! You can add extra snowflakes to the background, or  a rhinestone to Rudolph's nose. . . .
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