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This craft category is a huge collection of free knitting patterns & knitting tutorialsKnitted clothes and knitted accessories ( knitted scarf patterns, knitted mittens patterns, knitted hat patterns, knitted clothing patterns, knitted bag patterns, knitted jewelry patterns ), knitted toys for kids and babies, knitted home decors ( knitted blanket patterns, knitted pillow patterns), hand knitting for kids, how to knit tutorials ( knitting for beginners, knitting video tutorials ) ... and a lot more about knitting crafts
Adorable knitted owl hat (free knitting pattern)
This adorable free (intermediate) owl hat knitting pattern showcases lovely color work and barely-there ears! Knit in Bernat Softee Baby Chunky, this owl hat works up like a dream! In this nice site you will find the printable and downloadable free knitting pattern of this super duper cute owl hat! This knitted owl hat can be a great knitted winter hat for kids but of course it absolutely perfect for owl lover adults as well! Knit one adorable owl hat for the kids or your friends as a cozy Christmas gift, it will be  a great hit! . . .
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DIY Finger knit rope trivet tutorial - Scandinavian kitchen
Trivets are so handy to have around! How beautiful would be a series of these scandinavian / vintage style finger knitted rope trivets in different sizes? To make the rope trivets bigger, just finger knit longer or shorter  strands than suggested in this DIY tutorial. We think this quick DIY finger knit rope trivet would hit the spot for an easy, yet beautiful project for the kids to make. We love this finger knitted trivet’s simplicity and natural feel that the rope lends this project. The best part is that you can make the trivet in a jiffy, under a half an hour, with only rope and tape (to keep the rope from fraying)! . . .
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DIY Easy finger knitted bunny - Easter craft for kids
If like us, you have falling in love with finger knitting and have already learnt how to finger knit and are looking for more finger knitting project ideas you may absolutely ADORE Red Ted Art's easy finger knitting bunny DIY!  Depending on your kids age and dexterity, this is either a together project (they knit, you assemble) or should be able to manage it all by themselves. She give a little pointer in this step-by-step finger knitting video tutorial on to how to finish it off more easily if you need to simplify the facial features! But we would say that is the only really tricky bit. So watch this nice step-by-step finger knitting video tutorial and learn how to make these adorable little bunnies! . . .
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DIY knitted pumpkins - fall decor
Do you love knitting? Are you looking for an easy but cozy fall decor project ? Try these super cute knitted fall pumkins! In this nice knitting website you will find a detailed knitting tutorial on how to make these adorable knit pumpkins ( and lots of yarn color ideas as an extra). You can use these cute pumpkins to decorate your home at autumn / Halloween, or you can even make some for your kids as  softs toys or a huge cozy floor pillow! . . .
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DIY string holders from mason jars
Here’s a fun craft tutorial inspired by vintage string holders. I love those cute pottery heads with strings coming out of their mouths like they’re eating spaghetti. So fun! String holders are super handy to have around for craft projects, whether you’re crocheting,knitting, tying up a package, or simply keeping string and cord organized. We hope you will enjoy these little guys! Of course you don't have to create cute animals as thread holders, if you prefer simplicity you can paint it to a simple color, use washi tapes or decoupage the mason jars to something that fits into your home. . . .
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DIY  toilet paper tube knitting loom for kids
Today, crafting expert Sophie Maletsky goes back to working with her most favorite of all recycled crafting materials - the TP Tube. In this nice craft video tutorial she demonstrates how to use a simple cardboard (toilet paper) tube  and some popsicle sticks (spatulas) to make a loom for finger knitting.  You can guarantee hours of fun for the kids with this super low budget knitting loom (because the will love to create these colorful yarn  "noodles"),and as an extra : you can get a few quiet hour,which is always nice! :) . . .
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DIY easy crocheted (or knitted) organizers with branches
This  unique crocheted (or knitted) hanging organizer is not just only a very simple crocheting (or knitting) project (because it's consists of only 1 large rectangle piece, therefore you can use any type of knitting or crocheting hooks /patterns that you've already know well ) but it's also a beautiful and practical decoration for your home (or for the kids room)! You can use this crocheted /knitted organizer in your bathroom,living room, or in the kids room for organize kids clothes or toys. it has so many possibilities! You can make more then one and create a whole storage station! And the best: you can also sew it from fabrics if you cant crochet / knit! . . .
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5 different craft idea with plastic bottles ( repurposing )
Today in this nice upcycling video craft idea collection and tutorial he going to show you 5 awesome and interesting ideas about what can be made of used, unnecessary plastic bottles! Nowadays everybody throw to garbage used plastic bottles and don't think about the fact that plastic dissolves very slowly, that leads to pollution of environment throwing away polyethylene terephtalate. Today's 5 life hacks with unnecessary plastic bottles will teach you how to make a self watering flower pot, a toilet paper holder, a holder for stationary, bracelet and a yarn ball holder. . . .
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Knitted heart head / ear warmer
Warm heads & hearts with this cozy knitting pattern! The Heart Head Warmer is a super quick fun knit, using super bulky yarn this knits up in no time! Sure to delight the hearts of all your loved ones! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Knitted Santa hat (with knitting pattern)
Fill your knitting project bag with Christmas magic & holiday sparkle! So soft and plush…a hat even ‘Ol Saint Nick would be proud to wear! You’ll love how easy this is to knit! Using super bulky yarn, this will give you a quick project you can knit in less than a day! Make one for each member of your family for a festive & fun Christmas accessory! . . .
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Knitted polar bear family
Create a family of cool bears to join in the holiday festivities. The fun-to-knit characters are irresistibly cute and great to give or enjoy yourself! . . .
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How to make T-shirt yarn
Have you ever heard of t-shirt yarn? If you’re on Pinterest with any regularity, then I’m guessing you have, because it’s everywhere. It’s pretty much the coolest stuff ever. . . .
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