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This craft category is a huge collection of free hand embroidery patterns,free ribbon embroidery patterns, and hand embroidery how to's! Free ribbon embroidery patterns, ribbon embroidery tutorials ( ribbon embroidery for beginners ) , ribbon embroidered clothes and accessories, ribbon embroidery art, flowers with ribbon embroidery ), ribbon flowers ( kanzashi flowers ), free hand embroidery patterns, hand embroidery tutorials ( hand embroidery for beginners ), traditional  hand embroidery patterns, decorations and crafts with hand embroidery, hand sewing tutorials.. and a lot more about embroidery and ribbon embroidery!)

( Cross stitch & gobelin are in their own different category! )
Gorgeous DIY spring ribbon flower headband - kanzashi
In this nice step-by-step video tutorial you can learn how to make this gorgeous colorful spring satin rose / satin flower headband! We love kanzashi (ribbon folding) technique because it's super easy and the outcome is always soo beautiful and unique! You can use this ribbon flower headband  / braid  at your wedding, or you can make one  as a beautiful gift for a special occasion! This kanzashi ribbon flower headband will look gorgeous in any color, you can even use it as a nice spring/Easter decor! You can use this clever and easy ribbon rose folding technique to create other accessories/jewelries as well! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Hand embroidery and hand sewing stitches step-by-step
In this super step-by-step tutorial website you can find almost ALL of the hand embroidery and hand sewing stitches illustrated with pictures! From beginner hand sewing and hand ebroidery stitches to complex 3D stitches you can find here literally almost everything! If you  try to learn hand embroidery techniques ( like cross stitching ) or simply try to sew something with your hands this brilliant website is a perfect starting place for you! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Printable easter egg embroidery cards
These super cute printable easter eggs can be used just as they are, or you can embellish them with a few stitches, therefore it's a perfect way to teach embroidery / sewing to your kids in a fun way! You can use the (embroidered or plain) easter egg cards as a fun easter home decor or you can give them as gifts! In this super craft blog you can find  a free easter printable with 4 different easter egg emboidery card design! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Snuggle bunny and  kitty plushie / soft toy ( with pattern )
We have 2 lovely soft toy to share with you today! It's a free tutorial to make a felt Snuggle Bunny and Kitty!  Not only are these little soft plushies quick and easy to make, they're bursting with cuteness, soft and cuddly and plump and squishy too!!   Perfect to make for baby showers, little ones or anyone who loves the cute loveable style of Japanese Kawaii! ( But please do not use wire for the bunny's ears if you making them for very small children! ) She has used a super soft woven wool felt for hers, but any type of felt (or fabric) should work nicely.  Finished bunny measures about 8 inches tall with ears pointed up and kitty measures about 5 inches tall. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Embroidered felt bunny brooch ( with embroidery pattern )
This gorgeous embroidered bunny brooch is made of a little piece of felt fabric. Isn't it adorable? In this nice craft website you will find the template of the rabbit brooch and the embroidery pattern as well. It's a perfect spring or easter gift / decor, or you can use it as a cute addition to your spring outfit. You can make other accessories with this cute embroidered bunny ( keychains, necklace ..)  or make a few felt bunny ornaments to your easter (egg) tree. It's very easy to make (even if you are not an expert in sewing) and sooooo adorable! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
DIY kanzashi satin ribbon roses
This gorgeous silk ribbon rose is made with kanzashi tecnique! It's not as difficult as it seems: you just need to fold the petals and sew (or glue) them together. With this  nice step-by-step video craft  tutorial you can make the rose easily! You can create the roses from any silk /satin ribbons ,textiles or anything foldable material that you have at hand. It's a perfect spring decoration, or an accessory. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
DIY kanzashi silk ribbon flower
Are you looking for a beautiful spring decoration or a shabby chic style acessory? This step-by-step craft tutorial video teaches you how to make this gorgeous  kanzashi flower from silk ribbons.They are easy to make and look so pretty! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
DIY Wee brown bunny treat bags - sewn easter gift bags
Jelly beans and chocolate coins?  Truffles or candy eggs?  What would you tuck into these embroidered treat bags for Easter?  A gift card, a matchbox car, or a marshmallow bunny? Whatever you choose, it’ll make a fun treat, and these adorable bags, tied with twine and a hand-written tag, make perfect decorations for the holiday table! I think what I love best about these treat bags is that they’re so simple and easy, you can make them in multiples, so everyone gets one! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
DIY felt and fabric heart valentines (with sewing pattern)
These sweet DIY Fabric Heart Valentines are perfect for giving to a friend or neighbor! They are filled with fiberfill and lavender so they make a great little sachet. You could pair them with a plate of treats or even just a handmade card and have a great Valentine's day gift! Because it's very easy to sew you can make them even if you are a beginner in sewing. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
DIY Felt owl mask tutorial
Felt is by far our favorite material for sewing! It is perfect for fun creative projects, especially for beginners. There is no need to worry about frayed edges or seam allowances! She created this gorgeous Owl Mask with extraordinary looking– but easy to re-create– details. It’s a project that looks like a masterpiece but it’s easy to create in an afternoon. It's a perfect halloween costume addition! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
The little spider web roses - ribbon embroidery
Ribbon embroidery is incredibly simple to do and super fast to work up. It’s one of my favourite types of embroidery! With this detailed ribbon embroidery tutorial you can make these stunning spider web roses easily! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Padded leaf shapes - ribbon embroidery
In this nicely done silk ribbon embroidery tutorial , she would like to teach you how padded shapes can be used to add a subtle dimension (or an air of luxury) to an otherwise ordinary design. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
3D chamomilles - silk embroidery
Three-dimensional flowers are almost life-like and such fun to make! In this nicely done silk ribbon embroidery tutorial , she would like to teach you how make these stunning 3D chamomilles. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
Monograms (initials) / raised stem-stitch - embroidery
In this nice ribbon embroidery tutorial she will show you how to embroider a letter in raised stem-stitch — an ideal way to form a three-dimensional shape with a lovely texture. . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
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