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This craft category is a huge collection of paper mache crafts! Handmade paper mache figures, DIY paper mache furniture, DIY seasonal paper mache decorations ( fall paper mache ideas, winter paper mache ideas ), paper mache crafts for occasions and holidays ( Christmas paper mache ornaments, Easter paper mache decors ), easy paper mache crafts for kids, paper mache tutorials ( paper mache for beginners ), newspaper and magazine upcycling, cheap homemade paper mache glue recipes .. and many other creative craft ideas about paper mache & paper mache crafts!
DIY Turtle lamp from newspaper - paper mache lamp
In this video tutorial Creative Mom shows you how to made a thrifty but still gorgeous and unique turtle shaped lamp using a balloon as a base, some cardboard for the paper clay and acrylic colors. This is a creative way to teach children about recycling and also stimulate their imagination. The little turtle is inspired by a cute "Light a Way" character called Turtie. Light a Way is a fairytale-inspired mobile game about a girl who ends the eternal darkness with the light in her heart. Such a sweet story for a super sweet turtle ! So watch this tutorial and create your very own turtle lamp : . . .
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DIY Paper mache ghost Halloween bowl
Gustamonton has instructions on how to create a fun Halloween bowl out of simple newspaper , perfect for all the treats your little tricksters will bring home. In this video tutorial Gustamonton will show you how to make a fun container for those yummy Halloween candies ! This little paper mache ghost bowl is super easy to make and the best: it's almost costs nothing! It's really just a bunch of newspaper and a little glue! So, watch this craft tutorial and create your own paper mache Halloween treat bowl: . . .
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Paper mache snowman from plastic bottles & newspaper
Look at these little paper mache snowmen ! They are so adorable! If you are suffering a bit of paper mache withdrawal over the past few weeks, this Christmas craft will surely brighten up your day! In this nice step-by-step craft tutorial MollyMoo will teach you how to create these super cute paper mache snowmen with simple newspaper and glue. You can find a super easy to make and cheap homemade paper mache glue recipe in Mindy as well ( but of course you can use mod podge or other store bought water soluble glue to create the paper mache snowmen ) . . .
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How to make paper clay from newspaper (paper clay recipe)
We fall in love with  this super quick and super cheap homemade paper clay! DIY paper clay is different from paper mache in that you create a clay like mass, instead of using paper mache paste and strips of paper. You can make this paper clay using shredded paper or newspapers. watch this nice and easy video paper clay making tutorial by RedTedArt and learn how to make your very own frugal paper clay! . . .
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DIY vintage spring egg decor with papermache and flowers
If you love vintage/skandinavian style gorgeous spring/Easter home decors you will love this super easy and inexpeansive craft  project! This papermache egg flower basket is super easy to make, and also very inexpensive, because you can use old newspapers and homemade papermache glue to make it (flour+water)! If you would like to use a real flower arrangement or a potted flower to decorate you papermache egg, simply put a mason jar inside: this way water won't ruin the paper and you can enjoy your gorgeous spring decor for a long time! You can paint or decorate the papermache eggs as much as you want and use any kind of colorful spring flowers you love the most! . . .
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DIY race track from cardboard and newspaper - paper mache
Enjoy the excitement of car racing by creating your very own city race track with upcycling some paper "junks"! To create this fun cardboard car race track you just need some cardboard,small (paper) boxes and tubes and newspapers! Brilliant craft idea for the kids! You can make a cheap (and non toxic) paper mache glue with flour and water  (search for "paper mache glue") or simply use any PVA (water soluble) glue. Use your imagination and create a unique car racing track in any shape and color that your kids want, or you can gift this cheap but fun handmade toy for any ocassion, they will love it! . . .
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Paper mache easter bowls (bunny and chicken) - easter kids craft
Are you looking for a cheap but fun easter kids craft idea? Try this one! These adorable chicken and bunny easter paper bowls are made with the brilliant paper mache technique! paper mache is a very easy , kid friendly technique based on a non toxic homemade water and flour paper mache glue. To make this gorgeous easter bowls you just need some newspaper, a little water and flour, and a nice balloon! You can create any other paper animal /creature bowls with this technique if you need one for your kids next party. (This paper bowl is perfect for candies, small treats, gifts or snacks) . . .
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