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This craft category is a huge collection of shell crafts ( seashell crafts & snail shell crafts )DIY Home decors with seashells ( seashell pictures, seashell wind chimes, seashell wall decors , decorating with seashells ), simple shell crafts for kids ( seashell animals, ocean crafts, beach crafts ), summer decorations with seashells, seashell jewelry,  simple snail shell crafts for kids, snail shell decoration and snail shell jewelry... and many other creative craft ideas with shells ( seashells & snail shells )!
DIY Rope nautical wreath - easy summer wreath tutorial
This rope nautical summer wreath can bring a little piece of beach and summer fun right inside your home! We have to admit, we LOVE this unique  summer wreath because it's super easy to make and looks so gorgeous , vintage and natural!  Pretty simple wreath but absolutely amazing! This summer nautical wreath can easily spice up your summer style home decor! You neighbors will be so jealous to your new gorgeous front door decor!  You could add some nautical fabric as a bow or hanger to this nice nautical rope summer wreath as well! . . .
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DIY Rope wrapped nautical vintage candle holder - summer beach decor
Don’t you love candle glow? We sure do! So, if you are like us and love how lighting a candle can give a whole room instant ambiance then we have an insanely easy, inexpensive and very beach chic DIY for you!!!! Let’s make your own vintage (scandinavian) style /  beachy candle holders, like these gorgeous ones from Pottery Barn that will give our homes an organic, summery feel!  The cost of each glass starfish and rope candle holder was just a little over one dollar! That’s a whole lot of stye for very little money! And these oh, so pretty candle holders only took minutes to make! Can you imagine them down the center of a beach themed table or scattered across a mantel? These little candleholders have a big punch of easy, breezy, summery style! . . .
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DIY Beach terrarium from a mason jar - summer decoration
Today Laura from Finding Home is sharing with us how to make a gorgeous and super simply to make beach terrarium! If you are like us and you are patiently waiting for your beach vacation and need a little bit of “beach” right now, or if you want to display your memories and treasures from a vacation already enjoyed – this project is perfect!   Simply find your favorite jar, with or without a cover, fill with sand found at a craft store (or your favorite destination) and begin layering in your seashells and treasures. This mason jar beach terrarium is simple way to store your treasures or bring memories (or anticipation!) into your home. She used a mixture of coral, starfish, sea glass, sand dollars and shells. . . .
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DIY Seashell heart door hanger - summer decor
Today we’re in a beachy mood! We love going to the beach, and collecting shells is our favorite part. They are like little works of nature's art with their swirly shapes and pearly colors. Show off your seashells' beauty by making a summery door hanger covered in shells! And what shape should it be? A heart, of course, because we love seashells! If you love them as much as we do, and want to make your own seashell heart door hanger, just follow these simple steps. . . .
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How to make fantasy dragon eggs - kids craft idea
What would dragon eggs look like? Adventure in a box decided that they must be encrusted with jewels and precious stones from dragon’s treasury. Of course,you need to make dragon eggs with the kids, just in case a baby dragon might hatch out of one! You can use air dry clay to create the dragon eggs or simply use it's super cheap alternative: the salt-dough! These dragon eggs can be perfect art projects for the kids in the classroom! Put your dragon eggs in a basket and voilá' you have a fun Easter decor! (Or gift!) . . .
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DIY rustic seashell mobile (or wind chime)
If you have ever been to the beach, we are sure you have looked around for seashells. Maybe you have even collected a bucket full of them with the intention of making some craft with them. Maybe that bucket is still full of those same shells! Looking for shells is one of our favorite things to do at the beach and we are excited to share with you an easy way to decorate with the seashells and have a little piece of the beach with you in your home this summer! So create this gorgeous DIY seashell wall decor piece (which can be a great outdoor wind chime as well!) . . .
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Crocheted amigurumi snail and mushrooms (free pattern)
Well this amigurumi pincushion (or spring) decor  is not the easiest crochet project in the world but it's so awesome worth every minute! In this nice step-by-step amigurumi (crochet) tutorial you will find a free amigurumi fairy mushroom, a snail and a few flower patterns to create your own miniature crocheted fairy/woodland scene! You can use real varnish covered snail shells to complete the crocheted snails or crochet one shell for them in a fun color! In the top of the tutorial page you will find a link for this amigurumi tutorial's firs part where you can learn how to create amigurumi grass base from a mason jar lid and a toadstool! . . .
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DIY seashell covered letters with rhinestones
With this fun DIY craft video, you can learn how to make a seashell covered letter using seashells, starfish and vintage jewelry! This elegant decoration is a  great idea for a beach wedding, beach party or party favor, or bring the coastal, beach house feel into your home. You can use any type of sea- or snailshells, old broken jewelry parts, buttons, beads or rhinestones to decorate the 3D letters. You can paint the seashells/letters before applying the rhinestones (and other acessories) to any vibrant color, or you can leave them in their natural beauty. . . .
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DIY seashell planter - summer craft idea
After you’ve had a successful day beachcombing and your bikini is drying, we suggest you buckle down and dive into this DIY. Here’s billabong's super simple beach-worthy seashell planter to help you bring the beach back home! This summer craft  is super easy to make and it's also a perfect way to spice up boring old planters. Of course you can use different seashells and snail shells to create  unique compcositions on the planters, or you can experiment with other natural ingredients as well ( Try to decorate some planters with small stones or driftwood!) . . .
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23 different seashell summer craft ideas for kids
One of our favorite things to do at the beach is to find the most beautiful seashells in the sand! There are SO many cute summer craft ideas to make with them! She rounded up her favorite ones to make this summer with the kids. (In this nice collection you can find 23! different creative kids craft ideas with sea- and snail shells). Just click on the links below the photos to get more instructions. This is a great and fun way to preserve beach summer holiday memories and create nice decorations/keepsakes/gifts with the kids. . . .
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DIY Seashell candles
Vith this great video craft tutorial  you canlearn how to make these awesome seashell candles - all you need are a few tealights, seashells and an aluminium take-out container! It's a great addition for your wedding  or summer party, or it's also a nice cheap vintage /shabby chic decoration for your home. . . .
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