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This craft category is a huge collection of free drawing tutorials ( how to draw ) & crafts! Drawing tutorials for beginners ( drawing how-to's, step-by-step drawing tutorials with various themes, drawing tips & tricks, shading tutorials, how to sketch tutorials ), how to draw comic tutorials (comic drawing for beginners ), manga drawing tutorials ( how to draw manga, manga for beginners ), craft ideas about drawing  ( handmade sketchbooks, handmade paper ), drawing for kids ( drawing art projects for kids )... and many other creative ideas and tutorials about drawing!
DIY Dimensional feather art - boho summer decor
Custom artworks represent you and your personality, and it is something fun and a bit different than what you might find in a retail store. This DIY feather art by The Crafted Sparrow is just that! Super easy to make, fun, and it will definitely make you happy every time when you see it! This art tutorial will teach you how to make this gorgeous boho style artwork , which can add a little bit of boho summer vibe to your living room! ( You can find various feather patterns as inspirations >> here << ) . . .
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22  Sidewalk chalk idea - funny photo backgrounds
This list is fantastic if you need a little bit of inspiration to take your sidewalk chalk from a boring game of X’s and O’s or hopscotch to a fun “Wow, that’s so amazing!” adventure! There are tons of great ideas! And even better, you can take a photograph from a second floor window and keep the memory as a keepsake! These sidewalk chalk photo background ideas are simple and super fun to draw (and use), we absolutely love them! From princess crowns to under sea adventures, there are tons of fun ideas to help you make a whole new world in your driveway with a simple set of colorful chalk! . . .
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DIY Japanese book binding - how to make a sketchbook
In this video tutorial you can learn how to do a 4-hole Japanese binding. This is the basic traditional method of Japanese bookbinding (or stab binding). Stab bindings allow you to make books that are not possible with other bindings. For instance, in a pamphlet-stitch book, each leaf, or page, cannot have a different color. But in a stab-bound book, you can use scraps of different weights, textures and colors as long as they are the same size or can be cut to the same size. This is the perfect project for someone looking to try a scrapbook or family memento book! . . .
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Cardboard art supply orgainzer
This fun and useful  cardboard art supply organizer is not just only a low budget and super fun way to store your coloring stuff but it can be also a perfect gift for any ocassion! Watch this nice detailed craft video tutorial and learn how to make one in minutes! To create your own cardboard art supply organizer you will need: sturdy cardboard pieces, some wrapping paper and rubber bands. You can store  pencils, sharpies, notebooks,drawing papers, pens and and other art supplies in it! . . .
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How to make paper easily
Use your old newspapers and magazines to make beautiful handmade paper in any color using acrylic paints and easy to find supplies! It's not just a perfect way to recycle almost every type of paper junks but this beautiful and special, natural looking homemade paper is a perfect craft material for almost all craft projects! You won't believe how easy is to make paper at home! You can spice up the papers  (before it dries out completely) with flower petals or other decorations. . . .
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Color harmonies - the wonder of nature ( color picker )
Design Seeds celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living. These gorgeous color palettes inspired by flowers,animals,landscapes,towns,and seasons are perfect for any furniture painting or home renovating projects, or you can simply get inspired for your next craft project by the beautifullness and perfection of nature. . . .
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