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DIY spring centerpiece - plush flowers with pots
These super cute DIY plush flower pots make for a great spring party table centerpiece, home decor or even a party favor or gift (for mother's day, birthdays or almost every ocassion)! Can you imagine the possibilities and theme?! And the best is: you can easily hand sew these cute fabric flowers, even if you are a beginner in sweing! (Or you can find in this nice craft website a no-sew pushie flowers version as an extra!) . . .
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Spider necklace with dimensional fabric paint and tulle
We love DIY Halloween costumes because they are always turn out way more gorgeous and fun than the store bought ones, and no one else’s costume will ever be the same as yours. We love this DIY spider web necklace because it is so beautiful and customizable! We bet that you'll be the hottest witch at the Halloween party with this gorgeous spiderweb necklace! Read iLoveToCreate's step-by-step tutorial and create your very own one gorgeous spiderweb necklace in no time: . . .
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Patchwork stars -  Christmas tree ornaments
If you have tons of leftower fabric pieces at hand because of your larger sewing project, this scrap buster Christmas craft can be a perfect choice to repurpose them and create something gorgeous! These patchwork stars are easy to make and make a huge inpact in any fabric pattern and color . It can be a denim star, a vintage/Tilda style star or even a funky and fun neon color will work well with this quick and easy sewing project! You can decorate your home  or your Christmas tree with these sewn star patchwork Christmas tree ornaments  or you can givce them as nice handmade gifts! . . .
Details & step-by-step tutorial
DIY Easy fabric dolls with yarn hair
Do you love handmade toys and sewing? Try this brilliant (fabric scrap buster) project: the fabric dolls! To make these adorable dolls you will need: some leftover fabrics, yarn and a few hand stiches! With this nice step-by-step video doll making tutorial creating one cute toy for your little girl will be a piece of cake!  These adorable dolls will look gorgeous in any color and pattern, and you can use them as nice kids' room decors or even as Christmas angel ornaments!  This is a beginner sewing project so you can whip up some easily even if you haven't got a sewing machine at hand! . . .
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DIY Beautiful easy to make spring balloon flower from crepe paper
Are you looking for a quick, easy,frugal but still gorgeous spring/Easter or wedding decor? Try this beautiful crepe paper balloon flower! These gorgeous paper balloon flowers can be great decors in your home at spring/Easter or you can make them as nice gifts for special occasions (such as: mother's day,birthdays,graduation or wedding parties etc). Watch this nice step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to make a beautiful balloon flower in minutes!  You can make the paper flowers in any color and size, they will be gorgeous in any form!  This spring craft project is so easy, even the smallest kids can create some! . . .
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Furry crochet Angry Birds nestlings - free amigurumi pattern
Inspired by the colorful furry baby birds in The Angry Bird Movie, here is the crochet pattern of  Craft Passion's version the Fur Bird Amigurumi! Anyone who watched The Angry Movie will definitely agree with me that the little nestlings at the end of the movie are melting our hearts away. They are so adorably cute with their big round eye, yet the innocent expression will turn angry with furrowed eyebrows in the next second. Not to mention the yellow little feet, so tiny and making them so bouncy. I was so dying to hug a bunch of them when I saw them at the end of the movie. So, here they are! Craft Passion’s Fur Bird Amigurumi free crochet pattern is here to greet everyone Happy Crochet! . . .
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DIY Gnome Easter eggs - fun Easter egg painting idea for kids
If you’re looking for a fun and unusual way to decorate your Easter eggs this year then this gnome Easter egg craft could be just what you’re looking for! Gnome Easter eggs are very easy to make and you can use plastic eggs, wooden eggs or even real blown or hard boiled eggs. This Easter craft project makes us happy because you know we are mad about gnomes ! Plus it’s happy, colorful, fast and inexpensive! . . .
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Adorable round pirates - fun summer craft for kids
This adorable round pirate craft by Kids Craft Room will surely delight your kids! Hours of fun from simple craft materials - who needs more? This cute round pirate craft is a must for summer ! Construction paper or craft foam make a great base for a lots of easy summer kids' crafts especially this adorable pirate craft! We hope you will have lots fun with making these chubby little pirates with your kids or class! ( This pirate craft can be a great addition to your pirate themed party or ocean / summer classroom bulletin board ! ) . . .
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