About us & Help
Do you need help about how to use Mindy? Read this page and learn how to use Mindy's functions and categories! ( If you have other questions about the system or the craft tutorials please contact us via the contact page form.)

What is Mindy.hu?

Mindy.hu is a huge hand picked and quality checked craft and DIY tutorial collection! Mindy collects and categorizes the best  creative craft tutorials and free patterns from all around the world! ( Whether it be a written or video tutorial. )

Who we recommend Mindy.hu?

For everyone who loves crafting! If you would like to learn new craft techniques or just want to create something unique and fun, you will enjoy Mindy's craft tutorial collections!  Be inspired by hundreds of quality craft ideas from all around the world! 

What you will find here?

Hand picked high quality craft & DIY tutorials from all around the world! Craft and DIY tutorials about every creative hobby techniques, handmade decorations and gifts for every occasion! Everything is about crafts and DIY! If you are a beginner in crafting don't worry, here at Mindy we picked only highly detailed written, picture and video tutorials for you!  Think about Mindy as a huge link collection of free craft & DIY workshops! And of course we love to collect craft freebies ( free patterns & printables ) as well! 

What we don't do?

We DO NOT steal! We don't claim these brilliant craft ideas and product photos as our own creations! Do you remember those websites and image galleries around the internet which doesn't respect the craft idea's original authors (publish articles without proper source links)?  Mindy.hu never ever does this! We highly respect the original authors: Mindy always gives you proper back-links to the original author's sites, because these talented crafters needs to be famous! If you visit their websites and blogs please do not forget to thank them and click on the advertisements (because this will help them to continue their great work)!

Every listed craft idea in Mindy has: a short description, a photo presentation and 2 back links to the original author's site: one with automatic translation (if the original site is not in english) and a direct (untranslated) link.

If you click on an advertisement of an embedded video the money goes to the original YouTube authors! So please help them as much as you can (you can also thank them in their YouTube channel: we provide YouTube back-links as well!)

The translation:

Mindy collects creative craft and DIY tutorials from all around the world so sometimes the craft tutorial is originally not English. But don't worry: you will find an automatically translated version of them as well! We use Google translator's help to translate the foreign websites for you! Well a robot translator can't provide perfect translations (especially of special craft slang words), so sometimes it's not the best (sorry about that). Mindy always tries to collect photo documented tutorials so if the automatic translation doesn't work you can easily follow the images instead! 

How to use this site?

If you are looking for craft ideas about a special occasion (holiday) or hobby technique you can use our craft menu (little images/icons at the top of the page) to find our categorized craft idea collections. If you would like to find special craft ideas about one specific theme or motif use our search bar (at the top of the page). The search bar has autocomplete function: it will advice you a few words and craft ideas as you begin typing. Of course you don't need to choose from these tags and craft items: you can see the whole search result list by pressing enter or clicking on the magnifying glass icon. 

Move your mouse over the craft ideas to view a short description, and a difficulty review. If you click on a specific craft idea you will get to the inside view.

In the DIY tutorials and freebies inside view you will find lots of informations about the craft item such as it's category, tags,difficulty, and of course the proper source links to the tutorial of freebie!  (Or if its an embedded video tutorial you can watch the video in place, but of course we also provide source links to these items as well.)

Below the craft items in the inside view you will find 20 recommended craft ideas similar to the actual item, and 20 randomly picked actual/seasonal crafts. You can go through this small craft gallery with sliding or simply use the arrows or the dots to navigate.



F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I share the craft ideas and Mindy's pages with my friends and family members?

At Mindy.hu you can find share buttons almost everywhere! :) If you would like to share a whole craft idea collection page use the Facebook / Pinterest or Twitter share buttons at the top of the page. If you would like to share a specific craft idea you can do so by using the share icons below the craft item's preview image or in the craft item's inside view page.

Can I post my own craft tutorial on Mindy?

Do you have a nice, detailed craft tutorial about your favorite hobby technique, a fun new idea, or a craft freebie? Send us, and we will publish it as soon as possible! Use our contact form, or write us at Facebook. If you have more than one interesting craft tutorial on your site or blog you can send us website's url and our team will explore it!

But please DO NOT send us:
- stolen images and copied contents,
- DIY and craft images without tutorials,
- text tutorials without any images,
- product advertisements,
- paid contents and paid patterns

Sorry about that, but we also can't publish:
- tutorials which needs registering or newsletter subscription first to view
- only PDF tutorials and patterns
(without proper text based content we cannot provide translation to our readers)

I don't wan't to see my craft tutorial here! What can I do?

If you see something improper or you just spotted stolen contents please let us know! We will remove it immediately! If you simply do not want to see your craft ideas here that's also ok, If you’re a copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of one, you can ask us to remove your content from our site, by using our contact form. 

Some of the links doesn't working anymore :( what can I do?

If you found items which original site's doesn't exists anymore please report us! Below every craft item (in the inside view) you can find a report button: sad smiley face with a broken link. With using this form you can report every kinds of problems about that specific item: grammal errors,broken links, improper content, copyright problems etc.

The translation is horrible.. What can I do?

Unfortunately the automatic robot translation sometimes is hardly readable. We cannot do much about this problem, sorry!  Mindy always tries to collect photo documented tutorials so if the automatic translation doesn't work you can easily follow the images instead!  If you have any questions about a craft project  you can ask us anytime, we will answer your questions as fast as we can! 

The translation skipped the texts in an image, what can I do?

Unfortunately the automatic translation system cannot translate a text that's already merged into an image (if you cannot highlight the text above the image that means it's an image). But you can use Google's online dictionary/ translation service to translate words, just type in the desired word and chose your language: https://translate.google.com/?hl=en 

I need to translate a website without using Mindy. How can I do that?

To translate a word or a small portion of text you can use Google's online translator by copy and paste the text here: ( https://translate.google.com/?hl=en ). To translate a whole website on the fly you can use Google Chrome as a browser, because it has a built in translator!  Just click with the right mouse button on that website : and chose "translate to english".To download Chrome visit: https://www.google.com/intl/en_en/chrome/browser/index.html 

I'm stuck with a craft idea. Can I get some help please?

Of course! Comment under the specific craft idea which causes trouble for you , or leave us a message at Facebook , or use our contact form to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible! Happy crafting !